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Rotor Bike Components

Rotor Bike Components is a manufacturer of various bicycle parts. It was founded on 5/6/1996 by Pablo Carrasco and Ignacio Estellés. The idea of the two was to eliminate the dead point at the pedal. As a result, Rotorbike Components developed various products such as the Rotor RCK crank set. The first truly successful, and therefore still available, product are the rotor Q-rings. A milestone in the history of Rotorbike Components is Carlos Sastre's overall victory at the Tour de France in 2008. He used the oval Q-ring chain rings. In the following years, various driver successes were recorded with the products of Rotorbike Components. For example, the winners of Paris-Roubaix 2011, the Vuelta a Espana 2011 and the Giro d'Italia 2012 rotor components.

In 2015, Rotorbike Components then presented its first group of gears. The Rotor UNO is fully hydraulic and thus represents a revolution in the bicycle market. In 2015 Rotor also introduced its InPower power meter. This was supplemented in March 2016 by the 2InPower.

Rotorbike Components sees its own position as a dealer.

Rotor sees itself as an inventor. They represent the interface between idea / innovation and engineering.

On the other hand, rotor is also a manufacturer. The products, whether power meter, crank or chain ring are made by Rotor.

Last but not least, Rotor Bike Components sees itself and its employees as cyclists. The common enthusiasm and passion for cycling is shared by the entire team. The desire to improve the driving experience drives one after another's own progress.

Nowadays, Rotor Bike Components is one of the big players in the bike industry. With locations on various continents, such as Asia and Europe, and since 2015 headquartered in Odgen, Utah, USA, the Rotor brand can still hold its own internationally.

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