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Favero Electronics

Favero is the manufacturer of the bePRO power meter. The Italien company Favero has been active in cycling and power meter since 2015. Favero have a great experience in the field of measuring and control technology in the sports area, so there were able to transfer their know-how very quickly to this area. 

Favero - a newcomer in the power meter business 

The family-owned company Favero has been successfully active in sporting activities for more than 30 years. The company Favero Electronics has been known for many years for electronic products. So far, they have been known for sporting displays in combat sports, volleyball and fencing. The FIBA approved sport displays are used in many sport centers. 

Favero - the bePRO power meter

Favero launched a new pedal power meter in 2015. This is significantly cheaper than other pedal power meters on the market. It also convinces with a high durability and very good fair values. Favero has shown here that you can extend your experience form measurement and control technology. Both Favero power meters contain a lithium-ion battery, so the athlete don’t have to change the battery anymore. The Athlete can directly charge the power meter via USB charging cable. Furthermore, the Favero power meter has the ANT+ technology, which allows to connect the power meter to almost all bike computers. Favero offers a single- and both-sided power meter. The different between the two power meters from Favero is, that the one-sided power meter is installed on the left pedal only. 

For the bePRO S (single-sided version), only the applied power from the left leg is measured. The values are then doubled, so that the driver has a total value on his bike computer. With the bePRO (double-sided version), the applied power is measured separately from both legs and is also displayed separately the values on the bike computer. The one-sided measuring system can be upgraded by the Favero Upgrade Kit to a double-sided power meter. 

Favero brings fresh air on the power meter market

The bePRO power meter from Favero was able to get straight to the market and has found many fans. The Favero system is easy to install and use. Once installed, the bePRO power meter delivers very precise measured values. 


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