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Review: Brand-new Assioma power meter by Favero

Assioma power meter review

Since the Italian company Favero had such a great success with the bePRO power meter, it led to much positiv resonance when they announced the Assioma power meter. From day one we had many continuing requests concerning the product. The first information sounded very good, especially the fact that the assembly is way easier than before. Therefore special tools are not longer needed. After some time of waiting we had the chance to test the system and to deliver the first systems to our customers.

Favero Assioma – a brandnew power meter or bePRO 2.0?

Many customers asked why the new power meter by Favero is not named bePRO 2. For some customers this was a reason to be confused. A useful background information is that ‘bePRO’ could not be protected  from a trademark law aspect.

The new product name Assioma is the Italian word for axiom. An axiom is a principle in a scientific theory that is not justified or deductive deviated.

From a technical point of view, the Assioma is an advanced version of the popular bePRO power meter.

Our first impression of the new Favero Assioma

The Favero Assioma power meter pedals and the packaging look high-class and well processed.

Review: Brand-new Assioma power meter by Favero-Powermeter, Favero, bePRO

When you open the packaging, the Assioma pedals are presented. Under the surface you find the accessories. These are, the charger with power adapters for country-specific plug sockets, two charging cables with magnetic plugs for the pedals, a pair of cleats, a 8mm hex-wrench for the assembly and instruction manuals in different languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French, German)

In direct comparison with the bePRO, the Assioma power meter appears slimmer and more designed. The round transmitter is in comparison to the bePRO power meter clearly revised. It looks more modern and technical.

Review: Brand-new Assioma power meter by Favero-Powermeter, Favero, bePRO

The pedal body seems identical. At first sight you see no difference. But an important change was made. From now on the pedals totally support the Look Keo system. They means that you can not only use the Favero cleats but your standard Look cleats.

A big difference is the discontinuation of the counter nut. The assembly angle on the bePRO (right picture) had to be set up precisely. In another case it was possible to damage the system by tightening the nut to much.

Although the optical differences seem to be insignificant, the Assioma power meter looks high-class.

NEW – magnetic plug at the Favero Assioma power meter

An innovation that comes with the brand-new Assioma pedal power meter, is the magnetic charging plug. Because there is no open plug left at the pedal, it is protected from moisture and dirt. Also a cap for the plug  is no longer needed, that was easily at the predecessor.

Assembly of the new Assioma power meter

The internal tension was big concerning the assembly. Is the Assioma power meter a true plug&play system. We tested it! Unpack it, screw on, test it.

And in fact the assembly is very easy to handle. You don’t need any special tools, no assembly angle or special torque. The new Favero Assioma is assembled like every other pedal.

In one to two minutes the pedal is screwed on. This was until now only available with the much more expensive P1 power meter by Powertab.

Calibration of the Favero Assioma power meter

Every Assioma power meter is calibrated by Favero in the producing hall, to guaranty precision. The measurement precision the power is indicated as +- 2%. After assembly you only have to do a zero offset as you do on a electronic balance.

Therefore you have to pair the Assioma power meter with your cycling computer.

The zero offset is done on your cycling computer. Depending on brand, model and firmware version it is possible that this point is also called calibration in the menu. The zero offset should be done regularly to make sure that there is no error of measurement.

Temperature compensation of the new Assioma power meter

In a temperature area of -10° to +60° C the Assioma power meter is equipped with an auto compensation. This has the consequence, that measurement precision in praxis use is guaranteed for a normal temperature area.

Favero app for the Assioma power meter

Another new thing is the Favero app for the Assioma power meter. It is possible to connect the pedals with your iPhone or Android Phone. The setup allows you to set up the crank length and, if needed, to deposit a measurement correction.

Review: Brand-new Assioma power meter by Favero-Powermeter, Favero, bePRO

Functiontest on the Cyclus 2 ergometer

A test on the very precise Cyclus 2 ergometer is proven in our test setup for many years. We test the sector of 100 to 400 watts which is relevant for sportsman in training and competition.

Review: Brand-new Assioma power meter by Favero-Powermeter, Favero, bePRO

Starting at 100 watts we raise the power for 50 watts every minute. Our experience showed that working with these values is possible easily.

Measurement results

In our test the Assioma showed extremely good measurement values. We calculated the mean value.

The measurement results are high-class and comparable to those of an SRM or Quarq power meter, these power meters have set reference values in the past.

Review: Brand-new Assioma power meter by Favero-Powermeter, Favero, bePRO

We tested the dual side Assioma power meter, our experience showed that precision drops for single side power meters. But in the future we are also going to test the Favero Assioma UNO.


Bringing the Assioma power meter on the market, Favero set milestone on the market of pedal based power meters.

Already the bePRO power meter was a very reliable system. This impressed us, because the most manufactures need several years of development to build a well working, precise and reliable power meter.

Especially concerning pedal power meters many manufactures had to work with emerging problems. The development of the Garmin Vector took more than five years and even the topical version has little problems. Other manufactures like Polar are, from our point of view, even failed with their project ‘pedal power meter’.

The Assioma is even better than the bePRO which shows that Favero really worked on their problems. Through the very simple assembly the Assioma power meter is a real plug&play system that easily can be exchanged between different bikes.

The price is set at 799,- EUR (MSRP) for the Assioma DUO respectively 499,- EUR (MSRP) for the Assioma UNO. Both models are attractive with regard to the price.

From our point of view we can only recommend to buy the new power meter by Favero. Our personal hind is the Assioma DUO power meter following to its cheap price in comparison to other manufactures and the very precise dual side measurement. This is especially an advantage if you compare it to single side power meters.

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